Ages of Irving Post-Compo

Posted by GreyShock
21 September, 2015

Ludum Dare 24 is finally over. During the voting we’ve been working on polishing our entry Ages of Irving, with sound FX, BGM, and and total of 20 characters, in addition to balancing the insane difficulty that the LD version had :P

(You can play the post-compo version clicking on the image above)

Since Ages of Irving is a torture simulator and the jam version was as bad polished as it was we didn’t expect it to have too much impact or aim for a good position at the LD. However, the game brought us many surprises, starting by the Ludum Dare results, wich they were not bad at all:

#12 Mood(Jam) 3.82
#18 Innovation(Jam) 3.79
#22 Overall(Jam) 3.80
#38 Fun(Jam) 3.50
#66 Graphics(Jam) 3.78
#71 Humor(Jam) 2.88
#170 Theme(Jam) 2.46
#219 Audio(Jam) 1.20

As always, we failed at the audio part :P But that Top 12 on Mood and Top 18 on innovation have been to bright medals for us that rewarded our work at this edition. Moreover, we made it on to the Top 25 at the Jam, being ar position 22 of 308 contestants :D

Paired with the LD results, we found out that Ages of Irving has been appearing around several international blogs with quite possitive rates, highlighting its originality over all. That’s a very good thing, because as a small team our purpose is not to stand out for out technic skills but for our creativity; so, this game has been a big step on out little adventure.

Here you are some appearances of Ages of Irving on the web:

Free Indie Games

Rock Paper Shotgun

Gamezone (With video gameplay included!)

Oujevipo (French)

Superlevel (German)

Another great surprise was the video that Tabledar recorded playing Ages of Irving LD version for about an hour and having a hard time to beat the game, haha.

[youtube width="620" height="400"][/youtube]

Second try:

[youtube width="620" height="400"][/youtube]

Once analyzed that tiny media activity (huge for us) I want to talk you about the future of Irving, because he is going beyond the Ludum Dare.

We are developing a big remake in collaboration with Transient, another indie dev team with superior programing skills than ours. The game is going to be a traditional adventure game, detective/film noir style, but the core gameplay will turn around the torture system. We planned to develop 4 different cases to solve, trough the 4 different ages of Irving, willing to achieve a game with 4 hours of duration.

This remake won’t be browser based as our other projects. Transient will be developing with Java and Ages of Irving Remake will be a downloadable, traditional, full screen adventure game. Both teams are very excited with this new game and willing to see where this project lead us.

You can check Transient web here.

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