A Game By Its Cover

Posted by GreyShock
22 August, 2015

¡Hi everyone! The blog has been very quiet this August. Each member has been enjoying the summer, although we’ve been working on little things It wasn’t until a few days ago that we restored the machinery of Deconstructeam. Now we are back to keep with the hard work.

As a comeback warming, we joined the A Game By Its Cover competition. It consits of choosing a fictitious game cover and developing a game for real. For this purpose we had at our disposal a selection of fake cartridges designed for the Famicase expo. We went with this:

The competition allowed to develop and submit the games within two months. However, us, that found out late about the compo and with the team on a vacation we ended joining three days before its deadline. Even this way, we didn’t step back and decided that it would be a good oportunity and tried to do our bests within the time we had left. This is how Dan and the stone mask was born.

You play as a tribal alien hunter who travels around different planets trying to get the max number of masks to free your god from a curse. Our idea was to create a simple planetary exploration system with randomly generated levels whose objetive is to get the highest score by hunting enemies trough several planets.

Finally, three days were too short for us. The game was finished 2 minutes before the deadline! So, we left a lot of things to implement, such as enemies, more level variety, music, sounds, and some gameplay details that would make the game funnier. You may try it for yourself playing the version we submitted to the competition:

Play Dan and the stone mask – AGBIC version

Our plan is to finish it for good and add all the elements we left out due to the time limit. Including our ranking system that is, being sincere, the true fun of our last games :P We promise to implement a more balanced system than in Fire Nano ;)

If you are curious, you may check the development journal of Dan and the stone mask on A Game By Its Cover. We’ll keep working and will come back soon with more news of our other projects!

2 Responses to “A Game By Its Cover”

  • Liara T'Lorean

    El Mass Effect de Deconstructeam! (Sé que el programador apreciará este piropo como buen fan) viajando en la nave de Dan de planeta en planeta me recordaba a mis tiempos con mi mozo Dvd Shepard (por cierto un saludo, que sé que ha trabajado duro en este juego, o eso me decía cuando se iba a las tantas de la noche … uhmmm) un universo entero para explorar con una convinación infinita de plataformas y un ambiente muy chulo! (detallazo las estatuas del Dios!)

    Por cierto Bane de la programación, me encantaria jugar mas al juego pero me es imposible salir del pozo cada vez que me caigo al abismo! XD

    Puede parecer una chorrada en comparación con el resto del curro del juego, pero la pantalla de inicio me ha encantao! Ahhh y cada vez veo mas claro que los juegos de Deconstructeam deberian de jugarse con un mando de la Nes o de la Master System!

  • Liara T'Lorean

    P.d: Ahora veo la portada del cartucho y ya parece hasta dibujada por Jon! XD


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