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Don’t read the comments

“Don’t read the comments, man”. The first time I heard that was from Rasmus Wedin at Boston Airport when we were preparing ourselves to get...


Hey! We survived 2014!

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since was updated. The final stretch of the development of Gods Will Be Watching was quite taxing and we had...


Sgt Burden is coming

Deconstructeam proudly announces that Gods Will Be Watching is done! Now is playable from new game to the credits roll! We still need this June for testing, polishing,...


Gods Will Be Watching you in June, New Teaser

We are closer! Gods Will Be Watching finally has a release date! This summer, presumably in June, our point’n’click thriller about commitment and despair will...


Gods Will Be Watching Awarded for The Best Original Idea at hóPlay’13

Yiiiiiiihaw! Gods Will Be Watching has been awarded with the prize for The Best Original Idea at the IV Edition of the International Videogame Independent...


Madrid Games Week in numbers and feelings

Madrid Games Week has been our deflowering in public events. For the first time we went out there and exposed ourselves to the relentless tornado...


Deconstructeam reporting status!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since our last update. We are working hard, Gods Will Be Watching is being made with a lot of...


Gods Will Be Watching crowdfunding post-mortem

It’s been a month since we finished our successful crowdfunding campaign for Gods Will Be Watching, collecting 20.385€ or more than $25,000. Now Deconstructeam is...


11 Responses to “Deconstructeam”

  • garreiro794

    I love the games they are so well designed

  • Riles

    Just wanted to say. Gods Will Be Watching is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Incredibly well thought out strategic blueprint. Incredibly intelligent design. Great job guys, normally I never leave responses but this is an indie game I will gladly give my money to on July 24th

  • kins

    Thank You for making a great game !!! =D

  • Malefic

    Bueno por lo que tengo entendido ustedes estan en Valencia asi que me voy a tomar la comodidad de hablar en español (soy argentino).
    Me ENCANTO gods will be watching…osea… lo unico que me hubiera gustado es que esta idea de supervivencia y este sistema de acciones se hubiera ampliado y mejorado a base de MAS capitulos para jugar… quiero decir…solo para seguir disfrutando de esta idea que han tenido que es realmente GENIAL, la idea de una aventura de supervivencia basada en lista de acciones y la idea dentro de la historia. Demas esta decir que los personajes tambien son muy buenos. Y por favor feliciten a quien diseño la estetica y a los musicalizadores. No se, tal vez haya gente que los critique ahora…pero si siguen por el camino de gods will be watching, si siguen con esas ideas, en particular en ese genero, les va a ir genial.
    Solo queria expresar mi emocion, tal vez les haga sentir bien. Me encantaria ayudarlos pero no soy empresario, solo soy un musico que juega jueguitos. Pidanle ayuda a alguien, sigan apostando por poner sus juegos en steam y crezcan…no recuerdo quien soy…pero cada vez que vuelvo se que tengo que desearles buena suerte.

    Gracias por la experiencia y por estremecer mi imaginacion.

    Un abrazo

  • Martin

    Hola chicos, buenisimo el GWBW lástima el FATAL ERROR! me coge en el episodio 4 y ya no puedo avanzar :(

  • Russian gamer.

    Very good game! Thanks for great game!

  • Jan


    Wanted to say that love your game, and would love to know are you going to be looking for new artists?
    You dont have any ‘jobs’ section so i thought ill ask this way.


  • Aveend

    I am a big fan of your ^Gods Will Be Watching^.Thanks for making me feeling emotions while thinking about passing the levels and thinking for the story at the same time and harmonizing it that good.Dont think i saw a good scnerio since Half-Life in a video game.Again thank you for making this awsome game with this good storytelling and connecting it this good with the gameplay of it.Hope you will make more GWBW like video games in the future with as original ideas as GWBW has.Thank you again …

  • Daniel Esparza

    Realmente son mi inspiración. Los admiro por la estrategia que siguieron en su campaña de crowdfunding. Son mis maestros. Tambien lanzaré un juego el año que viene cuando termine la versión beta

  • 7N

    You guys are my new favorite team and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Loved every single aspect of GWBW (still listening to the soundtrack right now) as well as your previous games. Looking forward for the next big update!

  • Pablo



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